AgFed Credit Union Classic Visa Credit Card Login | Make a Payment

Owners of the AgFed Credit Union Classic Visa Credit Card are fortunate in that they have a simplified login procedure powered by AgFed themselves, with no third party handling their online banking accounts. Logging in is a simple procedure which we have taken the time to outline below in our official guide. Once logged in, cardholders will be able to pay bills, view statements, update personal information, and otherwise fully manage their credit card from any computer, tablet, or mobile device. We have also provided instructions on how to activate a newly acquired card and how to get it registered with AgFed’s online banking service. To begin, scroll down to our guides below.

It is always recommended that new users review the card issuing bank’s privacy policy to get a full understanding of how their personal information is going to be used and protected.

How to Login

Logging into your AgFed online banking account is quick and easy. Simply navigate to this webpage and supply your Member Number or Username as well as your Password. Click Login to account once you’ve provided the requisite login information and access to your online account will be granted. If you’ve forgotten your login credentials, click either the Forgot Your Username? or the Forgot Your Password? link located below the login fields.


To retrieve a forgotten username, supply Your Full Name, Member Number, Last four (4) digits of the primary SSN, Email Address, and your Daytime Phone number. Click Submit Forgotten Username Request once everything has been entered and follow the instructions given on the subsequent page to retrieve your username.

Updating your password can be accomplished by submitting a Forgotten Password Request. In the empty spaces, enter Your Full Name, Member Number, Last four (4) digits of the primary SSN, Email Address, and your Daytime Phone number. Once your personal info has been supplied, click Submit Forgotten Password Request and follow the prompts to reset your password.



If you’ve recently received your AgFed Credit Union Classic Visa Credit Card in the mail, you’re going to want to get it activated so that it can be used for online banking and used to make purchases. Call 1 (800) 449-7728 to get ahold of a customer service representative who will assist you through the process. With your card activated, click on the Secure registration link posted above this paragraph to begin the enrollment process for an online banking account. This link takes you to the AgFed banking portal where you must supply your Member Number in the empty space on the left and your SSN in the field labeled as Password. Click Login to account to proceed.


The next page requires that you enter the security code given on-screen to verify that you are indeed a real human who is registering for online banking and not an automated system. You will then need to supply your some additional pieces of personal information and set up your security credentials by choosing a username, password, and 3 security questions and answers. That’s all there is to it! Completing each of the steps in this tutorial will result in the successful registration of an online banking account. Best of luck and take care.