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Rewards Every $1 you spend earns you 1 point. With 400 points, you'll get $10 in Belk Reward Dollars. Customers have the chance to enjoy 35 exclusive savings days each year with special days designated as earning you extra points on your purchases. When you spend $600 or more in a calendar year, you are upgraded to the Premier Card which includes perks such as free gift wrap and free alterations. When you spend $1,500 or more in a calendar year, you'll receive the Elite Card which includes benefits like a 20% off birthday coupon and free standard shipping online.
Signup Bonus 15% off your total purchases for one day
Annual Fee $0
Cardmember Agreement View Here
Cash Advance APR N/A
Cash Advance Fee N/A
Late Payment Fee Up to $35
Purchases APR 24.49% APR


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Belk clothes

 by Anonymous

I used to love to shop at Belks, but not now. I am an older woman but do not dress like an old woman, and do not want to. I can seem to find anything there anymore without very low neck line or ruffles on the bottom of the blouse and sleeves. Also their APR is way to HIGH.


 by Anonymous

Unable to make a payment on line.

Belk card customer satisfaction

 by Anonymous

True about lowering your credit limit.they don't go on how you handle their account.They pulled from your credit score. All they want is superior credit score people.. This is discrimination in a sense.The one card I kept. I didn't abuse it,paid full.A letter limiting my credit to minimal about.I sent thecard to them.I won't be shopping there.

Horrible credit card

 by Anonymous

lower your credit limit without giving you any advance notice. When you call customer service and inquire about the situation no one seems to have any knowledge.


 by Anonymous

impossible to pay bill on line

AWFUL! Don't be fooled.

 by Anonymous

Never had such a band experience as with Belk/Synchrony Bank. They do not treat you like a human. They treat you like an unwanted entity. I have never been late, nor missed a payment date, NEVER!... and they closed my account. If you were allowed to give 0 stars, it would be more fitting.

5 stars

 by Anonymous

always pleased


 by Anonymous