Bethpage Federal Credit Union Credit Card Login | Make a Payment

Logging in to your online Bethpage Federal Credit Union Credit Card is easier than it may seem. For those new to the internet using online banking might seem a bit daunting, but fear not, this page is here to help you.

If you have your username and password written down or in an email on your computer, you can access your account in a few seconds. If you need to register your card, continue reading to learn how you can do so.

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Make a Payment

After logging in, cardholders can partake in many credit card related activities and services. Amongst the plethora of options are the ability to access and transfer between accounts 24/7, view and print e-statements, order checks, and update account information.

In order to log in, enter your Username and Password on the login screen. You can access this page by clicking the blue link button above.


If you lack an online account and would like one, you need to securely activate your card. Have your social security number on hand and enter it in to the empty field when prompted on the page you will access after clicking “Secure Activation” above.

In some special cases, you may be required to enter your business tax ID. After entering your SSN or your business tax ID, click the orange “Submit” link.

Your card will now be activated and you will be able to access your online account.

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