Cabela’s Club Visa Credit Card

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Rewards Earn 2% back on all Cabela's purchases and at participating Cenex convenience store locations, earn 1% back on all other purchases
Signup Bonus Receive $20 in points upon approval, $10 more after first 5 purchases
Annual Fee $0
Cardmember Agreement View Here
Cash Advance APR 25.77% (APR is subject to change)
Cash Advance Fee $10 or 4%, whichever is greater
Late Payment Fee Up to $37
Purchases APR 9.99% for Cabela's purchases, 15.77% - 21.77%, based on your creditworthiness, for all other purchases (APR is subject to change)


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Colleen Never know if i am master Card or somthing else.

 by Anonymous

Dropping them

Worst Card EVER!

 by Anonymous

I started out with a 3500 limit. Used the card twice and got a CLD both times. First time, Charged 1400.00 got a letter saying CL was decreased to 1500. Paid that off. A few months later charged 450.00 a week later CL was decreased to 500.00. I have never been late and usually pay off the balance in a month or two. I told them to stick this card up their A**! WORST CARD EVER!

Rip off

 by Anonymous

When I got this card, they gave me a $1000 limit. I used it and made payments for about 6 months, then paid it off. I then got a letter say to saying because of my credit score (which was higher then it was when I first the card) and lowered my limit to $500. I then made a $140 purchased and went to pay it off a month later. I got a letter that it didnt go through because the account wasnt recognized. I called them and made the payment again. Another letter saying the same and this time they sent it to collections and my credit rating took a 75 pt hit. Called them again and after much arguing they took my payment again. Their reasoning was, although nothing had changed in my bank info and the same info was used to process payments over the first year, somehow I have them the wrong bank info. So they took my money and then informed me that they closed my account. So I never missed a payment and they put me in collections for being late for 2 weeks that was their fault. I told them I was going to contact the collection agency and clear this up, they insisted that I dont and that they would take care of it. I then got another letter from them and the collection agency demanding payment once again. But this time my bank records showed that the payment went through so once again I have to make the phone calls to get them to stop and reverse their damage.

Love this card!

 by Anonymous

Never had a problem paying for anything.

Totally in love

 by Anonymous

We had this hard since we were in our late twenties a lot of things have changed through the years but they've always been very positive we have never had any issues was Cabela's or their card. To me it's the only card you need to carry

Great card

 by Anonymous

Love this card never had any problems with it pay my bill on time never lowered my credit limit

cabellas visa

 by Anonymous

it the worst card I ever used I will nevwr do my shopping there I give my busness to Pro Bass

Horrible card

 by Anonymous

Web site is absolutely impossible to navigate. Pay your bills on time and they arbitrarily lower your credit limit.