How to Apply for the Iberia Bank Visa Platinum Credit Card

If you are an Iberia Bank customer looking for a credit card with a rewards program, the Iberia Bank Visa Platinum Credit Card is the least costly option.  There is no annual fee and you get a basic rewards program of 1 point for each $1 spent in qualifying purchases.  The APR isn’t too high, at the Wall Street Prime Rate plus 10.74% to 19.74%, depending on your credit score (APR is subject to change).  For the first 12 billing periods you will get an introductory APR of 0%, and 1.99% on transfers for the first 6 billing periods.  As another signing bonus, you will earn 5,000 bonus points with your first purchase!  So if this card option sounds good to you, continue following this step-by-step tutorial to apply for your own Iberia Bank Visa Platinum Credit Card.

You should read the Iberia Bank online privacy policy before proceeding.


To be eligible for the Iberia Bank Visa Platinum Credit Card you must fulfill the following requirements:

  • be at least 18 years of age
  • have a valid SSN
  • have a valid US address

How to Apply

Step 1- Locate the Visa Platinum credit card on the Iberia Bank credit card suite page.  Click the Apply Now link.iberia-apply

Step 2- On the next page you can read, download and/or print the cardholder agreement for the Iberia Bank Visa Platinum Credit Card.


Step 3-  Read the cardholder agreement.  If you comply, tick the box (as seen below) then click Apply Now.iberia-platinum-apply2

Step 4-  Select Credit Card from the pulldown menu on the next page and enter your Promo Code if applicable.  Click Next.


Step 5- Enter the following personal information:

  • SSN
  • Date of birth
  • Full name
  • Email address
  • Complete physical address
  • ZIP code
  • Phone number
  • Resident status
  • Monthly rent/mortgage
  • Time spent at residence


Step 6- In the income details section, select your status from the pulldown menu and enter the Total Monthly Income you receive.  Click Next.iberia-apply5

Step 7- If you are employed or self employed, input the following additional information then click Next:

  • Employer/company name
  • Years of employment
  • Work phone number


Step 8- Review all your information to ensure that it is correct.  When you are finished, click Submit.iberia-apply7

Step 9- If you made it this far, your application for the Iberia Bank Visa Platinum Credit Card has been submitted!  You should be contacted with a response in the next 48 hours.  We hope this guide has been helpful.iberia-apply8