Old Navy Visa Credit Card

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Rewards For every $100 spent at Old Navy, cardholders will receive a $5 Reward Card. All purchases made outside of Old Navy will earn cardholders 1 Point for every $1 spent. When you reach a minimum of 1,000 Points you may exchange for them for a $10 Reward Card.
Signup Bonus 10% off all purchases at any Old Navy retail location during the 1st day of membership.
Annual Fee $0
Cardmember Agreement View Here
Cash Advance APR 25.99% APR.
Cash Advance Fee $10 or 4% whichever is greater.
Late Payment Fee Up to $35.
Purchases APR 23.99% APR.


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Old Navy Is Awesome, however the fees are horriable!

 by Anonymous

The percent rate is way to high! I've been using it for years but still could never get them under 24%. Which is Highway robbery. They are really great on catching a stolen card however!

Happy I joined OLD NAVY credit card

 by Anonymous

Any time I have had any issues with either card services or in store/on-line purchases I have had great service and the issue was resolved quickly. I have been with OLD NAVY for 2 years and am glad I made this choice. The in store staff have always been helpful and pleasant.

Worse credit card!

 by Anonymous

I'm a college student, trying to build my credit. This card is the absolute worse card I've ever had. Pay online is a joke, and I was never truly informed what an authorized user to my account meant. If you put anyone as an authorized user, they also get a credit card with YOUR account on it, with their name on it. There was also an issue with the correct date that my payment was due, thanks to their online service, which made my payment late and that was my first payment ever due and they instantly charged me a thirty dollar fee, and tried getting me to pay another thirty because they said I didn't pay off the whole balance, even though I did. Anyone who has this card is making one of the biggest mistakes. Stay away from this card, and think twice because the "rewards" really aren't that good. There are deals literally every time you walk into Old Navy, don't let them fool you thinking you're getting a deal.

Paying on line.

 by Anonymous

Trying to pay on line is absurd.

Worst. Card. Ever.

 by Anonymous

If I could rate this card a negative, I would. Trying to pay online is the biggest hassle ever. Website times out every 5 seconds. It takes about 1 hour to go through the process. I am cancelling this terrible card ASAP.

Love shopping here.

 by Anonymous

Love the style and quality of the clothing

Love old Navy

 by Anonymous

Nice staff good service

I love this card

 by Anonymous

It is what it is. The rewards have been the same (more or less) the last 5 years and this card is great if you have kids and are an avid Old Navy shopper.

I HATE your site

 by Anonymous

Ever time I try to login to make a payment it makes me change my password. It's the most idiotic system EVER!