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Rewards tjmaxx-credit-card-rewards
Signup Bonus 10% off the first purchase made at
Annual Fee $0
Cardmember Agreement View Here
Cash Advance APR 29.99% APR
Cash Advance Fee $10 or 4%, whichever is greater.
Late Payment Fee Up to $35.
Purchases APR 26.99% APR


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Bad reviews.

 by Anonymous

I'm a new card member by reading bad reviews .i will pay my balance off and get rid of this card

terrible customer service

 by Anonymous

Placed hold on card (for fraud review) but did not contact me to let me know. Could not lift hold unless you call from home phone. On phone for 45 minutes finally just cancelled card.

paying online

 by Anonymous

unable to access payment site cannot be do i pay my bill..

Terrible access

 by Anonymous

Trying to log in is a trying experience. Website should be more user-friendly.


 by Anonymous

The worst card ever every month I had to change my pass word a least 2 times.

Bill pay process is the only DOWNSIDE

 by Anonymous

Not having the option to pay my bill in the store is a PAINNNNNNNNNNNNNNN...

Can not pay bill in store

 by Anonymous

This card is not good at all. I went into the store to pay my bill. The store clerk informed me that i could not pay my bill in store. Then one day i went to Marshall unexpectally and did not have my card but had my ID. I was making a purchase and asked the clerk if she could look up my account and she replied "No". I use this card the lease because it sucks. I am thinking about closing this account out.... SIGNED" Not Happy"

Online bill pay sucks

 by Anonymous

For five months straight I have to recreate a new password. COME ON!! My password is always correct. TJ Maxx you guys need to fix this bug problem bc you are going to lose card members!!

This card sucks!

 by Anonymous

cANNOT PAY BILL IN STORE...RECEIVED LOW CREDIT DUE TO ERROR OF SALESPERSON ENTERING INCORRECT DATE OF BIRTH. I WAS NOTIFIED I was not old enough for credit card (I am 60) as the person filing out credit info put date of birth 2/27/15...when I filled out another application, bank only gave 200 line of credit because I had been rejected once before. Therefore each time I make a purchase at TJ Maxx or Marshalls, I have to go home and make a payment immediately. I HATE THIS CARD

Sucked credit card

 by Anonymous

This credit card is the worst including their platinum mc... I've applied three times now to have my limit increased only to be turned down...called to find out why only to get the runaround. I've spent nearly $10,000 since 2/1/16... Can only charge $350 on my credit card with TJ Maxx/Home Goods. This means I have to put the remainder on my other credit cards and loose my points. NOT HAPPY WITH TJ MAXX/HOME GOODS choice in credit cards. All my other creditors are raising my limits but not this low life bank. Guess I should quite spending my money at these stores and encourage all my friends, business associates to do the same.

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