First Savings Credit Card

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Rewards N/A
Signup Bonus N/A
Annual Fee $0.00 / year
Cardmember Agreement View Here
Cash Advance APR 15.6%
Cash Advance Fee $5.00
Late Payment Fee $10.00 each time payment is late.
Purchases APR 15.6%


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First Savings Credit Card

 by Dorothy Williams Gaston

I love First Saving Credit Card. I received the card in the mail and activated it the card years ago to pay for a class at the University I attend. Received the approval instantly. Thank you, First Savings Credit Card company.

Great card

 by Geri Sturgeon Brown

I love this card. Have not had any problems.

Re-building my credit

 by Karl Trainer

I have had the card for about 6 months now. I knew the initial fee and the annual fee and the interest rate and agreed to all. The sums are high, but then this is a card for establishing or increasing your credit score. It is not really designed for everyday use although I am sure they love to see it.
I have had no problems. I have not needed to contact CS so I cannot comment on that but I have not had any surprises and have paid my bills on-time while carrying about an 80% balance to my $350 limit. They have reported promptly to the credit bureaus.
I think for my above stated purpose, this card is fine. Within a couple of more months, my credit score should be up enough to get a real card and dump this one, but I have been glad to have it.


 by Roxanne Phillips

My invoice is always on time there is some cards you will get a few days before it is Dew thay tell me its the postoffice how know i do not w