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Rewards Earn 5 reward points for every $1 spent at the Gap and $5 for every 500 points earned in a calendar year. Visa holders get an additional 1 point/$1 spent on any regular purchase. The 1st Tuesday of each month are 10% off, receipts are not necessary for returns, and cardholders will be privy to special rewards days or member-only deals. Earners of over 5,000 points in a calendar year will be deemed Silver status and will have a slew of additional benefits.
Signup Bonus 15% saved on the first purchase made with the credit card.
Annual Fee $0
Cardmember Agreement View Here
Cash Advance APR 26.99% APR
Cash Advance Fee $10 or 4%, whichever is greater
Late Payment Fee Up to $38
Purchases APR 24.99% APR


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Worst card ever

 by Anonymous

This card APR is the most high I ever seen, this card is a hole in your pocket.
DO NOT do it. or if you have it already try to get rid of it ASAP.

TERRIBLE bank .. Synchrony Bank is HORRID and the card is TOO MUCH TROUBLE

 by Anonymous

IF i could rate this below a "star" I would .. I paid the entire balance on the card and a week later was getting all kinds of notices that the account was not paid .. I called the bank and they should all the activity but had rejected the payment .. even though they showed the balance as ZERO .. it's a NIGHTMARE .. use another card .. the points are nice but its just not worth it

Canceled my card

 by Anonymous

GAP Synchrony Bank is a terrible company. I did love getting free clothes from earning the points, but that is the ONLY good thing about this card. My card was canceled TWICE for innocent mistakes that I made. My first card was canceled because my payment was one day late. When I called and talked to customer service, they are not empathetic or forgiving. Normally, companies will reopen your account after you speak with them. GAP gives you no remorse. I applied for a second card. This card was cancelled because they said I had two canceled checks on my account. I don't know what the first check was. The second one happened when I initiated a balance transfer. I did not receive the check in the mail, so I called the card company and asked for the check to be canceled and resent. I TOLD GAP this, that I canceled the check and they still said that wasn't a good enough reason and canceled my card. I had rewards built up from purchases that I am unable to use again. I have never dealt with a customer service that immediately cancels your card, even when you explain your situation.

Gap Card

 by Anonymous

This card is very frustrsting. They charge extra to pay your bill over the phone. And the website is impossible to get onto. Keeps telling me it is not secure. Wont let me past that so i can't even check my balance or pay. I now have a credit from overpayment and i cannot get in touch with anyone. Do Not Apply for this card


 by Anonymous

Wow what a dissapointment.My card was often rejected for no reason.And to make a payment with humuan over phone they charge ,savings are not that great either.On the plus good emergency card for a pinch

this card is great

 by Anonymous

great reward points earned and great sales offered to card holders

Need a better system

 by Anonymous

I was excited to get this card and I used it for the first few months, but it was a bit difficult to ever see an updated balance. I pulled back from using it for a little bit and they dropped my credit limit so significantly without notifying me, now I don't want to really use it at all. A little frustrating.