Apply for the Bealls Outlet Credit Card Online

The Bealls Outlet credit card is useful if you are a frequent shopper as they provide a $5 rewards card for every 200 points received ($1 = 2 points). In addition the offer 15% off Mondays and Fridays at any Store Location.

How to Apply

Step 1 – Go to Their Website and click on the ‘Start Application’ button.



Step 2 – In the first (1st) section the application will ask for the individual’s details:

  • Prefix
  • First Name, Middle Initial, and Last Name
  • Suffix
  • Social Security Number (xxx-xx-xxx)
  • Date of Birth



Step 3 – Annual Income, Address Information, and Contact Information:

  • Annual Income ($)
  • House Number and Street Name
  • Apt#
  • City, State, and Zip Code
  • Ome Phone
  • Work Phone
  • Email Address (and confirm)



Step 4 – Add any extra persons you would like to have a card and click the ‘Continue’ button. The application is now complete and Bealls Outlet will usually let you know an answer of approval immediately.



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