How to Apply for the Central Bank MasterCard

If you’re considering the Central Bank MasterCard and you have a strong credit score, I would highly recommend making the commitment as it has a potentially competitive APR which dips as low as 8.99% with no annual fee.The reward program favors the charitable and the department store enthusiasts but also offers a point per dollar on all other purchases. I’m not crazy about the online portal as the credit card management is done through a third party website that isn’t exactly flashy but if you think you can get past that, and you’re responsible with your payments, this is a totally valid credit option for you. We’ve created a guide through the application process just below for your consideration.

Central Bank’s privacy policy should be read before entering any personal or financial  information into their website.

How to Apply

Navigate to the Central Bank Credit Card summary page where you can click the  Apply Today link.

central-bank-apply-1Click on the Credit Card link.

central-bank-apply-2Under the Security Check heading, check off that you’re not a robot before continuing to the application forms.

central-bank-apply-3Step 1-Card Selection

You will now be asked to select MasterCard over Visa and choose between the two card designs on a following page.


central-bank-apply-5Step-2 Payment date

The next step is choosing the day of the month for your payment due date.

central-bank-apply-6Step 3-Customer Information

Indicate if you’re a Central Bank customer or not.

central-bank-apply-7Step 4-Personal/Contact Information

The following fields are the ones that are absolutely necessary to continue with the application process:

  • Full Name
  • SSN
  • Email
  • Phone Number
  • Birthday
  • Mother’s Maiden Name
  • Full Physical Address
  • Full Mailing Address

central-bank-apply-8Step 5- Employment Information

The following employment information is required:

  • Employment Status
  • Employer
  • Number of Years
  • Position
  • Gross Monthly income

central-bank-apply-13Step 6-Co-Applicant Information

To add a co-applicant, select the box and fill in their information to make it a joint credit card.

central-bank-apply-14Step 7-Terms and Conditions

You must read over the terms and conditions before checking off the box and clicking Submit Application. Good luck!