Mississippi State University Alumni Cash Rewards Visa Credit Card Login | Make a Payment

The Mississippi State University Alumni Cash Rewards Visa Credit Card is an excellent choice of credit card, not only for its rewards program, but also because you can take advantage of Bank of America’s top of line online banking service. Bank of America is the card-issuing company for this particular card and by enrolling for an online account users will be able to access their finances, pay bills, make transfers and view their credit card activity from the comfort of their home computer. We have taken the time to research this process and write out clear instructions to make it easier for those of you who have trouble with navigating the world wide web. See the tutorial below to activate your Mississippi State University Alumni Cash Rewards Visa Credit Card, as well as enroll and log into your online banking account.

Read through the privacy policy provided by Bank of America to make sure you clearly understand the terms in which they share your personal information.

How to Login

We have linked the Bank of America homepage here for your convenience so you can begin the login process. There is a red box on the left of the homepage where you can enter your Online ID and Passcode. Click Sign In and you should be staring at your online banking home page.

mississippi-state-loginIf you can’t remember your login information, simply click on either Forgot ID or Forgot Passcode, whichever applies to your situation. From there you need to enter your card number, social security number and either your Online ID or Passcode. This procedure will allow you to recover your credentials so you can regain access to your online account.

mississippi-state-forgot2 mississippi-state-forgot1


The most important part about receiving a new credit card is activating it; as we know it is otherwise utterly useless. Call the activation number above to activate your card now. Once that is complete, click on the Secure Registration link below the number to begin the online banking account enrollment process. They require your card or account number plus your social security number in order to sign you up for an online account. Enter these numbers and click Continue. All you need to do now is create a unique Online ID and Passcode and you will be able to log into your new online banking account.