Walmart Credit Card

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Rewards There is no rewards program associated with the Walmart Credit Card
Signup Bonus Save $25 if you spend at least $75 on the day you first open your credit card account
Annual Fee $0
Cardmember Agreement View Here
Cash Advance APR 19.65% APR
Cash Advance Fee None
Late Payment Fee Up to $35
Purchases APR 19.65% APR


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terrible card

 by Tammy Rayborn

I have had this card almost 4 years and I have not seen a credit limit increase. I know they have the same bank as JC Pennys because they won't increase that one either. This bank does not appreciate it's good customers. Target not only gave me regular increases but now I have a mastercard.


 by Michael Sorrells

Loads slow, unresponsive...irritating you cant change personal settings without customer service. I called customer service to change my phone # and about a month later I had to change my user name and the phone # had not been changed so had to spend another 30min with customer service...low tech not user friendly, I almost got the impression that it is set up so lame so you give up and they can collect a late

Not what they claimed

 by Christina Bailey Pitts

The cashier told me if i applied that day and spent over $299 it would be interest free for 6 months so i did. They've charged me interest every month and ive made over minimum payment each month and have not charged anything else

It Sucks!!

 by Nedzad Durgutovic

Unable to sign in to manage/make payment!

card is ok

 by Tammy Rayborn

I have had this card for 2 years. I have not gotten a credit line increase in this time and I find it insulting. Target gave me a card and have increased the limit four times. Walmart must have the same bank that JC Pennys have because they have not raised my litmit either.

Great! I wish I had applied for one sooner!

 by Tracey McAliley Kirk

ves me money.

great use for emergencys

 by Teresa Hoskinson Jones

Have no problem with my card and love it if I need it. Teresa Jones May 25,2016


 by Marilyn Jones