American Express Platinum Delta SkyMiles Business Credit Card Login | Make a Payment

The American Express Platinum Delta SkyMiles Business Credit Card can easily be managed online through the use of an American Express online banking account. By following our instructional guide, available below, you will learn how to register for an online account so that you take advantage of the financial management tools found directly on the American Express homepage. You will be able to pay bills, download bank statements, transfer funds, update contact information, and virtually perform all transactions that are available at your local bank. If you are experiencing difficulty creating an account, activating your credit card, or logging into the online portal, scroll down to our guides below and you will find assistance on all of these processes.

To get a full understanding of what American Express plans on doing with the personal information you supply online, read over the privacy policy.

How to Login

You must first navigate to this webpage in order to begin the login process. Once there, locate the login menu (pictured below) and supply your User ID and Password in the empty fields. Click Log In and access to your online account will be granted. If you can’t seem to remember your login credentials, click on the Forgot User ID or Password? link located within the login window and continue reading on to the paragraph below.


For those that have forgotten their login information, enter the 15-digit number on the front of your card and your 4-digit Card ID. Once entered, click Continue to proceed to the next page where the remaining set of steps must be completed before you’re able to retrieve your user ID or reset your password.



American Express cardholders are lucky in that they can activate their card online with just a few simple steps. First, head over to this webpage to access the online activation application. You must supply your 4-Digit Security Code and Card Account Number in the appropriate fields and click Continue to proceed. The next page allows you to customize certain aspects of your card before having it officially activated. You can also activate your card over the phone by calling 1 (800) 528-4800. Once you’ve successfully activated your card, you may begin the registration process for an American Express online banking account by clicking the Secure Registration link posted above this paragraph. Look to the information below to continue the registration process.


On the registration webpage, supply your 15-Digit Card Number and 4-Digit Card ID. Click Continue after supplying your card information and you will be taken to the next page where some personal information must be supplied. Lastly, you will need to decide on a user ID and password for your account as well as any other requisite security credentials. Once these tasks have been completed, your American Express account should be registered and you can begin to manage your credit card online. Bank away!