Costco Credit Card Login | Make a Payment

The Costco Credit Card, offered by American Express, is an ideal way to earn cash back from all of your Costco purchases. Whether you spend at Costco gas pumps, Costco restaurants, or the regular Costco wholesale store, the card can save you money.

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Make a Payment

Logging in to your account and making a payment on your Costco Credit Card is simple. While you’re online making a payment, note that you are also able to update your account information and review the cash back you’ve been earning.

If you’re unsure as to how to login to your online account, first access the link on this page. Next, enter your user ID in the field that says “User ID”, and your password in the field that says “Password”.


In case this is your first time visiting the online Costco Credit Card site, you will be required to activate your card. This activation is entirely secure, so do not worry about any of your account information being compromised by those with malevolent intentions.

First, access the “Secure Activation” link above. You will be directed to the activation page. Enter in your 15-digit card number and your 4-digit card ID.

After specifying your account preferences such as user name and password, and being reminded of the card benefits, click the blue “Continue” button. Its as easy as that. Your card has now been securely activated and you can now begin using your card online.

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