Disney Rewards Visa Card Login | Make a Payment

If you’ve just got your hands on a new Disney Rewards Visa Card, you’re most likely looking to activate it as well as register for an account with Chase’s online banking and log in to said account. With a successful login, you will have the ability to make payments online, update any personal information, review past statements and otherwise completely manage your new card. If you’re not comfortable navigating through the online portal, or are unsure of any of the steps between here and online banking access, we’ve provided a step by step guide below to walk you through this registration/activation process.

We strongly recommend reading the privacy policy provided by chase.com before you enter any information into their website.

How to Login

Logging in is made possible by navigating to the chase.com homepage and entering in your security credentials into the fields displayed below.


If you’ve forgotten your User ID or Password, or both, select the blue, underlined link right above the Log on option to be brought to a second page. There you will need to provide your SSN as well as your chase credit card number. On yet another page, your UserID/Password will be entered as well as your Identification Code before retrieval is made possible.



To activate your newly acquired visa, call the number displayed above and speak with a customer service representative. An online account can be registered by clicking the secure registration link displayed above. Once you’ve navigated to the homepage, select Need a User ID? Sign up now.


First off, you’ll need your 16 digit credit card number on top of your SSN. On the same page, you’ll be able to choose your User ID before moving on to the second step. There you will create an identification code, as well as a password before reviewing the privacy policy (if you haven’t already). That’s all there is to it!