How to Apply for the First County Bank Visa Business Card

The First County Bank Visa Business Card is about as simple as a credit card can get. This is perfect for those with a low credit score who are looking to transfer a balance onto a free card that provides 12 billing cycles without interest. It has no rewards program to speak off, no special promotional deals, just a slightly reduced APR on purchases. If you bank with First County Bank already, this could be a viable option, so read on if this is the case and we’ll walk you through the application forms.

We highly recommend that you read through the privacy policy before supplying this site with your info.

How to Apply

The card summary page for this visa is where you’ll find the Apply Now link that will get you to the necessary forms.

first-county-bank-business-apply-1Step 1- Business Information

Please enter the following info about your business:

  • Business Name
  • Business Tax ID
  • Address
  • Years at Address
  • Year Business Founded
  • Business Phone
  • Organization Type
  • Gross Annual Sales
  • Cash Access ?(Y/N)

apply-1Step 2- Accounts Held

Do you have other accounts with First County Bank? If so, indicate them here.

first-county-apply-2Step 3- Business Owner

You will be asked to provide the following information next:

  • Owner Type
  • Full Name
  • SSN
  • Phone Number
  • Annual Income
  • Email Address
  • Address

first-american-bank-business-apply-5Step 4- Employee Cards

Click Yes if you’d like to add employee cards and fill out the necessary forms.

first-american-bank-business-apply-6Step 5- Disclosures

Read over the terms and conditions an check off the box only if you agree to them. Clicking  Submit will send your application in for review.