How to Apply for the First County Bank Visa Business Bonus Rewards Credit Cards

This particular credit card offers a standard rewards program that gives a bonus 25% or 50% on your points at the end of each billing cycle. If you use your card frequently and accumulate those points, this could actually be pretty lucrative. Those who plan on using their card for the majority of their purchases may consider the Bonus Plus for $50 more a year as it gives double the points each month and throws you that $50 cashback anyway on the first purchase. This is a standard card besides the rewards program with a variable APR that can fluctuate between the competitive 11.99% and an abysmal 22.99%. Those with strong credit history, read on.

Before entering any information onto the Elan Financial Services(EFS) website, read their privacy policy to ensure you’re comfortable with how they intend on using it.

How to Apply

Navigate to each cards respective card summary page (Bonus, Bonus Plus) to access their application forms by clicking on the Apply Now link.


first-american-bank-business-plus-apply-1Step 1- Business Information

You will to provide basic information detailing your business. This will proceed as follows:

  • Business Name
  • Business Tax ID
  • Address
  • Years at Address
  • Year Business Founded
  • Business Phone
  • Organization Type
  • Gross Annual Sales
  • Cash Access ?(Y/N)

apply-1Step 2- Accounts Held

Other accounts held with First County Bank can be indicated here.


Step 3- Business Owner

Enter your personal information here as follows:

  • Owner Type
  • Full Name
  • SSN
  • Phone Number
  • Annual Income
  • Email Address
  • Address

first-american-bank-business-apply-5Step 4- Employee Cards

To add one or more employee cards, click YES and provide the necessary data for each.

first-american-bank-business-apply-6Step 5- Disclosures

You’ll need to read over the terms and conditions before checking off the box that shows that you accept them. Once this step has been completed, your form is finished and you can send it off for review.