How to Apply for the Fraternity of Police Visa Rewards Credit Card

If you are a member of the Fraternity of Police (FOP), you can support the Grand Lodge by enrolling in the FOP Credit Card Program.  With a FOP Visa Rewards Credit Card you will enjoy an awards program, low introductory rate and no annual fee while showing your support for the FOP.  The most attractive benefit being the interest rate, which is only 12.49%-18.49%.  As additional benefit, the interest starts at 1.99% for the first 6 billing periods!  The rewards program gives you 1% cash back on all purchases.  Follow this simple tutorial on how to apply for a FOP Visa Rewards Credit Card.

Please note that your application will be going through the Commerce Bank which is the card provider and account manager.  Please consult their Privacy Policy before proceeding with your application.


To be eligible for this credit card you must fulfill the following criteria:

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Have a valid US SSN
  • Have a valid US address

How to Apply

Step 1- Go to the Commerce Bank site page for the FOP Visa Rewards Credit Card (pictured below) and click Apply Now.  (You can also apply by telephone by calling 1 (800) 725-0512)


Step 2-  Read the Terms and Conditions for the FOP Visa Rewards Credit Card, then click I Agree (as seen at the bottom of the image shown below) if you would like to proceed with the application.fop-visa-apply3

Step 3- Enter the following information:

  • Membership number
  • First and last name
  • Complete street address
  • City
  • State
  • ZIP code
  • Email address
  • Time at physical address in years and months
  • Your date of birth
  • Your SSN
  • Your mother’s maiden name


Step 4- Enter the following employment information:

  • Occupation/position
  • Employer
  • Time with employer in years and months
  • Work phone #


Step 5- Enter your total annual income from this employer and any other income.


Step 6- Indicate your housing situation (whether you rent, own, or describe your situation if it is different from these two options) and your monthly housing payment.fop-visa-apply7

Step 7- Provide the full name and relationship of the nearest relative not living with you.



Step 8- Indicate whether you have declared bankruptcy in the last 10 years and whether you are a permanent US resident.


Step 9- Click Next.


Step 10- Select if you would like to add any co-applicants.  Click Next.fop-visa-apply11

Step 11- Indicate if you would like to perform any of the following actions:

  • Transfer an existing non-Commerce Bank balance to your new card
  • Access a Commerce Bank checking/savings account with this card
  • Add overdraft protection to this account


Step 12- Review the terms and conditions for the FOP Visa Rewards Credit Card again.  If you want to submit your application click the Submit button.


You’ve finished your application!  You should get a response or a new card soon.  We hope this guide was useful.