How to Apply for the Guitar Center Credit Card


The application process for this credit card is a little more complicated insofar that it requires the applicant to fill out a paper copy of the application form and bring it in to a Guitar Center location.

You can find the application form here;

This application form can also be accessed from the Guitar Center Credit Card home page;–Special-Financing-Offers-g26950t0.gc


None are listed on the home page or on the application itself but it would be quite out of the ordinary if the applicant did not have to meet basic conditions such as being 18 years of age and residing in the United States.

How to Apply

1.) Begin at the Guitar Center Credit Card home page and the scroll down to the “Get Started” tab to click on the “Download the application” hyperlink or go directly to this URL;–Special-Financing-Offers-g26950t0.gc


Guitar Center Home Page 1

Guitar Center Home Page 2

2.) Review and fill out a hard copy of the application form. As per the instructions on the home page, once the application form has been completed, the applicant must bring it to a Guitar Center location to finalize the application process. Visit the Guitar Center Credit Card home page to use their store locator.–Special-Financing-Offers-g26950t0.gc