Jetblue American Express Credit Credit Login | Make a Payment

Have you ever had a credit card that was impossible to deal with because you could only make changes to your account by calling customer service? Do you have having to send in your monthly payments through the mail? Well American Express cardholders can tell you that the process of managing their credit cards is quick and easy with the American Express online account. By simply logging in, users can request additional cards, update contact information, pay bills, and review statements history. If you are having difficulty logging in to your online account or activating your newly received card online we have provided you with a helpful guide, available below, to help you along the way.

How to Login

In order to login to their American Express online account, cardholders must first navigate to the American Express homepage. Once there, users will notice a login drop-down menu in the top left quadrant of the screen. In space provided, enter your User ID and password and then click the Log In button to proceed. If you for some reason have forgotten your login information or need to retrieve it, click the Forgot User ID or Password? link and you will be directed to a retrieval page.

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To begin the process of retrieving your lost and/or forgotten login information, you must simply enter your Jetblue American Express credit card number and corresponding 4-digit Card ID number into the applicable blank fields.

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Before you can use your new American Express credit card to make purchases, you must first activate your credit card. There are two methods of activating your card: by phone (1-800-528-4800) or online through the creation of an online account. In order to create an online account first navigate to the American Express homepage, linked above, and click Create New Online Account.

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Enter your 4-digit Card ID number and Jetblue American Express credit card number into the blank spaces that are provided to you. Then you must set your account preferences and review your card benefits before you can finalize the creation of your online account and thus activate your credit card.

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