American Express TrueEarnings Business Credit Card Login | Make a Payment


American Express offers many different cards for many different levels of financial need. Each and every one of these cards can be managed in their entirety through a helpful online portal located at the American Express homepage. The portal allows cardholders to activate their newly received cards and to login to their online accounts. Once logged in to their online account, users can request additional cards, update contact information, pay bills, and review their statement history. Simply follow the steps listed in the guide we have provided for you, available below, and you will have no trouble managing your American Express credit card online.

How to Login

The first step to logging in to your American Express online account is to navigate to the American Express homepage. From here you will want to enter your User ID and password in the login menu that is located just below the American Express logo in the top left corner of the screen. Once you have entered your login information, click Log In and you will be taken to your online account. If you for some reason have misplaced or cannot remember your login information, click the Forgot User ID or Password? link and you will be brought to a retrieval page.

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To begin the retrieval process for your login information, you must enter your American Express TrueEarnings Business credit card number and corresponding 4-digit Card ID number in the applicable blank fields and click Continue.

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Activating your new American Express credit card is the last you have to do before you can use it to make purchases. You can activate your card either by phone (1-800-528-4800) or online by creating an online account. In order to create an online account and activate your card online, you must first navigate to the American Express homepage, linked above, and click on the Create New Online Account link that is located in the login drop-down menu.

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On the following page, enter your American Express TrueEarnings Business credit card number into the spaces provided. If you have entered the information correctly, you will then be asked to set your account preferences and review your card benefits before you can finalize the activation process.

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