LSU Alumni Association Credit Card Login | Make a Payment

If you have recently acquired the LSU Alumni Association Credit Card, you will find that managing your finances is both quick and easy. By creating an online account with Bank of America it will be possible for you to pay your bills, view your purchase history, and otherwise stay on top of all aspects of your credit card. You can even check on your card from a mobile device or tablet as new apps have been integrated into the latest electronics. For more information on the application process, and for details regarding the log in procedure, scroll down to our tutorial below.

Please review the privacy policy before submitting any personal information into the Bank of America online portal.

How to Login

You will be required to create an account in order to access your personalized online banking. Begin by navigating here and entering your online ID and passcode into the appropriate fields. Once entered, click Sign In and you will be able to access the many banking features provided on this website.


For anyone who has forgotten their online ID or passcode, click on the Sign-in help options link located within the main login menu. In the list that follows you can choose one of the three options available to retrieve your login credentials. You will then need to enter your card numberSSN, and your online ID or passcode (whichever you still remember). If you have forgotten both, you will just need to enter your card number and SSN.




Before you’re able to create an account your credit card must be activated. To activate your card, call the number located above and speak to a customer service representative. After you have activated your card you will be able to create your account by navigating to the secure registration link (link found above). In the Secure Sign-In menu you will find the Enroll link. Click it to proceed.


Enter your card number into the first entry field and your Social Security Number into the second. Once entered, click Continue and you will be required to create a username and passcode. Navigate through the pages that follow to complete the registration process. Your account will then be ready to use!