How to Apply for the Royals Mastercard Credit Card

Royals fans rejoice! Commerce Bank, in cahoots with Mastercard has created the Royals Mastercard Credit Card service your all-important need to follow the Kansas City Royals. This card has, alongside the standard Commerce rewards program, provides cardholders with the opportunity to cash in on member-exclusive discounts on tickets, merch, and more. On the off chance that you are interested (read: your mouth is watering) in applying, you’ll find a helpful tutorial located just below designed to guide you through the process.

Take a minute, if you can hold back the excitement, to read through Commerce Bank’s Privacy Policy to ensure that your information is being handled appropriately.


All applicants must meet the following requirements, boundless fandom aside:

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Have a valid US street address
  • Have a valid SSN

How to Apply

Commerce hosts a helpful summary page here that has the application link, as well as a bit more information on the rewards program you will be entering into should you be approved. In order to commence with the application select apply online now to access the secure application page.


Step 1- Terms and Conditions

You have the opportunity now, at the start of the application, to read through the card’s terms and conditions. We recommend giving it at least a cursory perusal, as the terms might be less exciting in the fine print than they appear in bold on the card summary page. If you want to continue, select the I Agree link.


Step 2- General Information

Submit the following personal information into the provided fields:

  • Full name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Duration at address
  • Date of birth
  • SSN
  • Mother’s maiden name



Step 3- Employment and Financial Information

Commerce will construct a financial profile for you as soon as you give them the following pieces of financial and employment information:

  • Occupation
  • Employer
  • Time with employer
  • Work phone number
  • Total annual income
  • Other income
  • Housing status
  • Monthly housing payment
  • Nearest relative full name / relationship


Step 4- Additional Questions

If you have declared bankruptcy in the past ten years or are not a permanent resident of the US you must inform Commerce Bank at this point.


Step 5- Final Questions

Finally, to wrap up the application, you have a few miscellaneous actions that can be performed now. You can add a co-applicant, perform a balance transfer, link the card to an existing Commerce Bank account, and purchase overdraft protection, all of which are purely optional. Read through the disclosures and click submit.