U.S. Bank Secured Visa Card Login | Make a Payment

If you own a U.S. Bank Secured Visa Card, you may be wondering how to best stay on top of your finances. In case you don’t know, the U.S. Bank has an online banking service that will allow you to effortlessly keep up with your bill payments, review your statements, customize your account and security, and easily keep your information up-to-date. Signing up for, and logging into, an online banking account is easy to do, however, should you be experiencing difficulty during either process, or you’re apprehensive going into it, we’re here to help. We have provided a simple step-by-step guide below to assist you in accessing your account, registering for online banking, and activating a new card. To find out how to get your credit card account up and running smoothly, just scroll down!

Before registering for online banking, we recommend that you read over the U.S. Bank’s privacy policy.

How to Login

To log into your account, find your way to the U.S. Bank online banking login page (pictured below) and enter your Personal ID in the indicated space. Click Log In to continue the next step.


Next, supply your Password and click Log In to be logged into your online banking main page.


Did you forget your personal ID? Click the Forgot ID? link found in the first login window to retrieve it. Clicking this link will take you to a page where you must first select Personal.



Now choose your chosen method of identification (your phone number, your email address, or card or account #).


On the page that follows you will need to enter your phone number/email address/card number and your Last 4 digits of SSN before clicking Next. The subsequent steps will allow you to retrieve your personal ID and in turn access your account.


Did you forget your password? Click the Forgot Password? link in the second login window to reset your password. You will have to enter your Last 4 digits of SSN on the linked page, click Next, and, in the pages that follow, supply what information the website demands in order to change your password. Use your new password to log into your account.



To be able to start using your U.S. Bank Secured Visa Card, you will need to call the telephone number above and, with the assistance of a U.S. Bank representative, activate your new card for use. Once your credit card is activated, you can start making purchases and you can also keep on top of your finances by registering for online banking. If you want to register, click the Secure registration link above to enroll in online banking today. After following this link, select Personal as your account type, then select the correct options indicating which existing accounts you have with U.S. Bank (if any). If you entered that you have no other existing accounts, you will be able to select I have a U.S. Bank Credit Card to indicate that you are registering an account for your new credit card. Next, enter the all of the information listed below in the indicated fields.

  • Credit card number
  • Signature panel code or PIN
  • Card expiration date
  • ZIP code
  • Last 4 digits of your SSN

When you are ready, click Continue to proceed to the next step.


In the steps that follow, you will set up your personalized login credentials and complete a few more simple steps to finish the enrollment process. Once you are done, you can start managing your credit card finances from the comfort of your home. We hope that our guide has been helpful and wish you good luck with your financial endeavours.