American Savings Bank Complete Rewards Visa Card Login | Make a Payment

Logging into First Bankcard’s secure online portal will allow you to manage your American Savings Bank Complete Rewards Visa Card with ease. Before this is possible, you will need to activate your card and register for an online banking account. Both of these procedures are relatively simple and have been outlined within our tutorial below. With your account created, you will be able to log in from any computer or mobile device, enabling you to access a variety of helpful financial tools found on First Bankcard’s webpage. You’ll be able to download bank statements, update your contact information, pay bills, and transfer funds between accounts all from the comfort of home. Scroll down to get started.

Before proceeding, take a few moments to review First Bankcard’s privacy policy to get a better understanding of how your personal information will be used.

How to Login

You can access your account by logging into First Bankcard’s secure online portal. First, click here to navigate to their webpage and, once the page has loaded, supply your User ID in the empty field located on the upper left side of your screen. Once entered, click Log In to proceed.


On this page, supply your Password in the blank field and click Submit. If entered correctly, access to your online banking account will be granted.


In order to retrieve your forgotten login credentials, click on the Forgot ID/Password link located on the main page. On the subsequent page, supply your First Name, Middle Initial, Last Name, and your User ID or Email Address. Click Submit after supplying the requisite information. Follow the instructions found on the next page to retrieve your forgotten piece(s) of identification.



Activating your credit card is a simple process that will allow you to use your card to bank online and make purchases. To activate your card, call the number found directly above this paragraph and follow the directions provided by the automated messaging system and/or a customer service representative. With your card activated and ready for use, you may proceed to enroll in an online banking account by clicking on the Secure registration link (also supplied above). Enter-in the following information on the enrollment page:

  • Account number
  • Account type
  • Expiration date
  • Signature panel code
  • First and last name
  • Last four digits of your SSN
  • Date of birth
  • Email address


Click Continue after supplying the necessary information. The subsequent pages will have you deciding on a password and a user ID for your account before your enrollment can be finalized. With your account created, you can begin banking online at your own convenience. Best of luck!