How to Apply for a CFCU Credit Card

CFCU, a credit union, offers 4 different Visa credit cards, the Visa Classic, Visa Platinum, Visa Rewards, and Visa Business. The differences in rates and fees between these cards are detailed below.

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Despite the very different features each card offers, the application process is identical for each. This process requires you to first create an account with CFCU, a move that requires you to look over their privacy policy to ensure your information is safe.


It is absolutely necessary that you meet the following requirements before applying.

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Reside in the US (have a valid street address)
  • Have a valid US Social Security number

How to Apply

In order to reach the secure application page you must first navigate to the CFCU card summary page. This page, displayed above, summarizes the rate and fee differences between the various cards CFCU offers. Once on this page, select the apply today link to begin your application.



Step 1- Non-Member Enrolment Application

Nonmembers will have to create an account with CFCU in order to apply for one of their Visa cards. In order to do this you must provide your full name, social security number, and a desired password.


CFCU will supply you with a User ID once you’ve done this.


Step 2- Loan Application

Before you will be able to fill out the actual application you must select which loan option you are applying for. Choose Visa Application and select whether you would like automatic payments and insurance to move forward.


There is a Loan Calculator available at this point if you want to see some of the financials associated with your card and specific financial circumstances.

Step 3- Visa Application Terms

You are now within the secure application page. Before entering your information review the initial disclosure and, if you agree, select yes and begin the information input.






Step 4- Personal Data

You must input the following data for this section of the application:

  • Requested loan amount
  • Purpose for loan
  • Affordable payment amount
  • Account number (provided)
  • Name (provided)
  • Social Security number
  • Birthdate
  • Marital status


Step 5- Residence

Provide at this point your full address, phone number(s) and email address.


Step 6- Declarations

Answer yes or no to the following declarations:

  • US Citizen or Permanent Resident Alien
  • Outstanding Judgements
  • Filed for Bankruptcy
  • Party to a Lawsuit
  • Income Likely to Decline
  • Comaker on a Note


Step 7- Financial Information

For the final section of the application you must enter your basic financial information. The specific data required is as follows:

  • Employer’s name
  • Work phone
  • Start date
  • Gross monthly income
  • Other income
  • Monthly housing payment
  • Landlord’s name



cfcu-credit-card-apply-8 cfcu-credit-card-apply-9 cfcu-credit-card-apply-10


Step 8- Terms and Conditions

Review the terms and conditions relevant to the Classic, Platinum, and Rewards Visa, the Classic Plus Visa, and the Business Visa. If you agree, click submit application and await a decision from CFCU, a decision you can check on via the customer portal.