CFCU Credit Cards Login | Make a Payment

If you are enrolled in one of CFCU’s Visa credit cards, including the Visa Rewards, Visa Platinum, Visa Classic, Visa Classic Plus, or Visa Business, you can login to your customer portal from the CFCU home page. Once logged in you will be able to pay bills, view statement, add users, update personal information and the like. Here at Cardreviews we’ve created a simple tutorial, available just below, to aid you in the login process.

How to Login

In order to login you must go to the CFCU homepage. Once there click the login link at the top right of the page. A pop-up menu will appear to the left where you will be able to enter your User ID. Assuming you’ve entered your information correctly you will be asked to provide your password on the next page. This two-step process is meant to increase web security.




If you’ve forgotten your login info select the forgot user ID? link. The page you will be directed to will provide you with a phone number and email address by which you can retrieve this information. Unfortunately there is no available retrieval method on their website.



Unfortunately, aside from calling 800-428-8340, the only method for online activation is, once again, through the MyCFCU customer portal, the login process for which is detailed above. Once logged in you will be able to activate your card through a dropdown menu in the portal. Credit Unions tend to offer great deals on cards, but they are limiting in their membership requirements and their sites frequently lack the ease of use that corporate sites have.