Chemical Bank Secured Mastercard Login | Make a Payment

Who doesn’t yearn for security on a primal, instinctual level? Life can be full of outward dangers and cosmic shakings, and to have a measure of control is comforting in those moments. Enter the Chemical Bank Secured Mastercard– the card that attempts to help individuals skirt the pitfalls of having bad or no credit. Bad credit scores haunt you like ghosts, this card is the ghostbuster (TM). If you are currently using this card to attain good standing with your fellow capitalists you may find the following suite of guides, detailing the activation, registration and management options for this card, useful.

Before continuing ensure that you’re comfortable with the terms of the First Bankcard (FB) online privacy policy.

How to Login

Firstly, to login to your account you must navigate to the FB homepage and enter your user ID. If entered correctly you will be expected to enter your password on a subsequent page.


For cardholders who have lost either their user ID or password FB has put in place the forgot ID/password? links which, if selected, will transport the cardholder to a retrieval form. To complete the form they will need to enter the following:

  • First Name
  • Middle Initial
  • Last Name
  • User ID or Email Address



To activate simply call the number listed above. Account registration is almost as easy, and you don’t have to talk to anyone (plus). Simply select the link above and enter the following data into the prescribed form:

  • Account #
  • Expiry
  • 3-Digit Security Panel
  • Full Name
  • Last 4 Digits of SSN
  • Date of Birth
  • Email Address