Community First Credit Union Low Rate Mastercard Login|Make a Payment

Welcome to the login,activation and registration guide for the Community First Credit Union Low Rate Mastercard. If you’re reading this, it’s most likely because you are having trouble with one or all of those processes. Not a problem, by the time you’re finished here, you will be able to access all the wonderful features of online banking such as making payments, reviewing statements, and having complete control over the management of your new mastercard.  Let’s begin!

First thing that we recommend is reading the online privacy policy before entering any personal or financial information into the website.

How to Login

If you wish to login to your account, all you have to do is navigate to the homepage here and enter in your username into the field.


The subsequent page is the one that will ask for your Password before accessing your account. You may be required to answer a few challenge questions which you have already selected upon registration. The reason for this being that you are most likely logging into your account from an unusual computer and they want to be certain of your identity.


Okay, so you’ve forgotten your Password, not a big deal. Click on Forgot Password? and submit your Mother’s Maiden Name as well as your Date of Birth before clicking Submit.



Call the number above to activate your new Mastercard. Although this aspect can’t be managed online, secure registration certainly can. Click on the link above which will take you back to the homepage, then select the New User/Enrol Now option.



The New User Enrolment page will ask for you Card Number (the 16 digits on the front of you mastercard) before continuing on the steps 2-4. The following steps are where you’ll enter in your username,password, user ID image, further security information about your card etc. That’s it, you’re now registered for an online account!