Crate and Barrel Credit Card Login | Make a Payment

In order to login to your Crate and Barrel Credit Card account, access the login link and enter your username and password in the fields provided. Once you have accessed the Crate and Barrel Credit Card account center, you can pay your bill online, view and print billing statements, and update your account information.

In the case of a forgotten password or username, click on “Forgot your user name or password?” link. For easier access on return visits, check the “Remember me” tick box.

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Make a Payment

After logging in, a user can pay bills, view and print out credit statements, and edit Crate and Barrel Credit Card account information. In the case that a user is accessing the account from a tablet or mobile device, note that a mobile version of the webpage can be used by clicking on the “mobile site” link in the bottom left corner of the page.


In order to register and activate your Crate and Barrel Credit Card, access the Secure Activation page. Have your Crate and Barrel account number ready.

First you must click “Yes” when prompted with “Do you know your Crate & Barrel Credit Card account number?”.

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Next, you will be able to enter your account number in the first field, your Social Insurance Number in the next field, and finally your ZIP code.

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Complete the final steps and you are ready to use your Crate and Barrel Credit Card online.