NASA Federal Classic Credit Card Login | Make a Payment

If your application for a NASA Federal Classic Credit Card was successful, and you’ve recently received it in the mail, you will find activation to be necessary before you can get any use out of your newly acquired Visa. Once activated, you will be able to manage your card using the NASA Federal Credit Union online banking portal. This portal has been catered exclusively to account holders; those looking to create or log into their accounts will be required to first gain access to their account number. We’ve relayed a tutorial below on the activation, registration and login processes in order to get you well on your way to making payments, transferring balances and otherwise taking full advantage of everything modern banking has to offer. Scroll down and let’s get started.

Before continuing with our tutorial, we suggest reviewing the NASA Federal Credit Union online privacy policy in order to obtain a full understanding of the manner in which they plan on using your personal and financial information.

How to Login

The login process can be performed using the eBranch section of the NASA Federal Credit Union website. Navigate to this webpage and enter you Account Number or Username and, below this, your Password. Once these two pieces of information have been submitted, you will be given access to your online banking.


There are steps that can be taken in the case that you’ve forgotten any portion of your login info, be it a username, account number or password. If you’ve forgotten your password, select the New User or Forgot your password? link and, on the secondary page, submit your account number. Follow the prompts on the subsequent pages to create a new password.


The username retrieval process essentially mimics that of password recreation. Click on the Forgot Username? link on the login page and enter your account number into the appropriate field. Click Submit when ready and provide the necessary info on the following page to re-access your online banking.


A secondary option has been made available for those who have forgotten their password. First, select the Email me a temporary password link then enter your account number into the field on the subsequent page. A temporary password will be emailed to the address that the bank has on file and you will be able to use this password to access your online banking.



There is unfortunately no online activation option for the NASA Federal Credit Union credit cards. Therefore, cardholders will be required to call the above number to speak to a customer service representative before the card can be used. To begin the process of registering for an online banking account, click on the Secure Registration link above. This link will navigate you to a page with a window identical to the one pictured below. Enter your account number into this field and, on the pages which follow create your login credentials and supply your personal info.


Once your card has been activated and your account has been created, you will be able to take full advantage of the NASA Federal Classic Credit Card and the credit union’s online banking platform. Good luck!