How to Apply for the NASA Federal Platinum Advantage Rewards Credit Card

This webpage has been created to give insight into the application process in store for those looking to acquire the NASA Federal Platinum Advantage Rewards Credit Card. Below we’ve given complete instructions on what information will be required, taking you from the credit card homepage all the way to the acceptance or denial of your application. This credit card is one of three that the NASA Federal Credit Union has to offer, and like the rest of them, it boasts a reasonable APR (depending on creditworthiness) and demands no annual fee. The rewards program is a standard 1 point per dollar spent system, however, due to the fact that this is essentially a free card, it’s nothing to scoff at. Click on the Apply Now link posted above, or review the terms and conditions, for a complete overview of what this card has to offer. To learn how to apply, just scroll down.

We suggest reviewing the privacy policy provided by the NASA Federal Credit Union to ensure that you are aware of their methods in sharing and protecting the information you provide in your application.


In order to be eligible to apply for a this credit card, the following must apply:

  • You are at least 18 years old
  • You reside in the United States
  • You have a valid SSN

How to Apply

Step 1- To access the credit card homepage, click this link and take your time comparing the credit options. When ready, select the Apply Now link.


Step 2- On the webpage that presents itself, select the third option, the Platinum Advantage Rewards card.


Step 3- This first portion of the application forms demands your personal information. Begin by supplying the following:

  • First name, last name, and middle initial
  • Date of birth
  • Email
  • Primary phone
  • Full home address
  • Housing payment amount
  • Whether you rent, own or lease
  • Length of residence


Be sure to identify whether your mailing address is the same as your home address. Below this, choose whether or not there is to be a joint applicant. When all the above is supplied, click Continue.


Step 4- This secondary page of the application will require a fair amount of info. Begin by providing the below data.

  • Employment status
  • Occupation
  • Employer name
  • Employer phone
  • Years at employer
  • Gross annual income
  • Other annual income
  • Other annual income source


Make your selection of card design and use the drop-down menu to answer their questions regarding credit protection. If necessary, supply all information pertaining to a balance transfer from another credit card account. If this doesn’t apply, simply indicate that you have no intent on performing a transfer at this time. Click Continue to proceed.


Step 5- This page has you reviewing all the data submitted in the two previous forms. Ensure that each piece of information is accurate and that all applicable questions have been answered before reviewing the terms and conditions. If you comply to the written terms, check the box that indicates that this is the case then click Submit My Application. 


The subsequent page will provide you with an answer as to whether or not your proposal has been accepted. We hope your application has proved to be a successful one and that our tutorial has been helpful during the process. Best of luck to you!