NASA Federal Platinum Cash Rewards Credit Card Login | Make a Payment

So you’ve just received your new NASA Federal Platinum Cash Rewards Credit Card in the mail and you’re not sure what steps to take in order to take full advantage of your new Visa. You’ve come to the right place! On this webpage we will provide you with all the information possible on how to activate your card, how to enroll in online banking and how to access your account for proper credit card management. Once logged into your e-banking portal, you will be able to transfer money from other credit accounts, payoff your balance, set up pre-authorized payments on bills and other purchases, and much more. Scroll down to get started.

It would be wise to review first the NASA Federal Credit Union online privacy policy to gain a complete understanding of the their protocol in protecting and using your personal and financial information.

How to Login

To begin, navigate to this webpage, the eBranch page of the credit union’s portal. You will notice the log in window contains two fields; one for the Username/Account Number and one for the Password. Supply these pieces of information and click Login to enter the secure online banking network.


In the case that you’ve lost, forgotten or would like to recreate either your username or password, you will be required to click on the applicable link on the login page (see list below) and, on the subsequent page, provide your account number. The third page will have you supplying security and personal information in order to verify your identity. Provide what information they demand in order to to then, depending on the circumstance, retrieve your username, recreate your password or access a temporary password in the inbox of your email.

  • New User or Forgot your password? (to create a new password)
  • Forgot Username? (to be supplied with your username)
  • Email me a temporary password (for a onetime access to your account)





With your card in hand along with a piece of identification, call the number posted above to activate your new Visa. It is essential that you activate your card first before creating an online account. With your card ready to go, select the Secure Registration link directly above this paragraph. This link will take you to the online banking enrollment page on which you can enter your account number and click Submit. The following steps will have you entering personal info and creating your username and password before providing you with access to the portal.


With your card activated, your account created and your online banking accessed, you will be ready to begin using your credit card to it’s full potential. We hope that this guide has been of some service to you. Good luck!