How to Apply for the Crate and Barrel Credit Card

One can apply for a Crate and Barrel Credit Card online by entering personal and financial information in their online application form. Keep in mind that new applicants are subject to a credit approval before being issued a new account and credit card.


In order to qualify for a Crate and Barrel Credit Card, one must:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Be a U.S. resident residing in the United States
  • Have a social security number
  • Have a credit card or other credit history
  • Have a mailing address
  • Possess a valid government-issued photo ID

How to Apply

Step 1: Go to This Webpage.

Step 2: Enter the following information:

  • Your first name, last name, and middle initial
  • Your date of birth
  • Your social security number

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Step 3: Enter your annual income.

Step 4: Enter your mailing address. Keep in mind that you must be a resident of the United States to apply for a Crate and Barrel Credit Card.

Step 5: Enter phone numbers so that you can be contacted both during the day and in the evening. Also enter an email address that you can be reached with.

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Step 6: Decide whether you would like to add an authorized buyer. An authorized buyer is someone who is able to purchase on your account.

Step 7: Read the Terms and Conditions and tick the box to consent to them.

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