Farm Bureau Premier Business Visa Card Login | Make a Payment

If you are a Farm Bureau Premier Visa Business cardholder who is wondering how you can create or login to your online account, look no further!  This short guide will take you through the easy process of logging in and registering online.  Once logged in, you will be able to view statements, manage bills and make transfers with you secure online Visa account.

Before signing into your Farm Bureau Premier Visa Business Card account, please feel free to consult the Farm Bureau Bank privacy policy.

How to Login

To login, simply navigate to the Farm Bureau business credit card login page pictured below, enter your user name, password, and then click the Submit button.   If you happen to forget your login information, you will have to re-register your credit card by entering your card number in the Register Now field and clicking Submit.  If you need any additional assistance logging into your Farm Bureau Premier Visa Business Card account, you can try calling their customer service number: 1 (800) 238-8607.



To activate your Farm Bureau Premier Visa Business Card, please call the the phone number given above.  Once your credit card has been activated, navigate to the business credit card login page for the Farm Bureau Bank to register for you online account.

Before registering, please consult the Farm Bureau privacy policy and their Premier Visa Business Card Terms and Conditions.

There, you will see a Register Now field, pictured below, enter your credit card number in the blank field and click Submit.  Follow the prompts and messages, where you will probably be asked to give specific personal and business identification to register you account.  Once you have completed all of these steps, you will be able to access your Farm Bureau Visa Premier Business Card online from anywhere!