How to Apply for the Farm Bureau Premier Business Visa Card

If you own or operate a business and have bank accounts with the Farm Bureau Bank (or are a Farm Bureau member), you may want to consider applying for a Farm Bureau Premier Business Visa Card.  There is no annual fee for this business Visa card and it includes a basic rewards system of 1 point for every dollar spent on qualifying purchases.  Farm Bureau members can use their points to have their membership dues reimbursed.  Points can also be used for travel, merchandise or gift cards.  Follow this short guide through the online application process and make sure you are eligible for the Farm Bureau Premier Business Visa Card.

Before entering any information please quickly review the Farm Bureau privacy policy.


To be eligible for the Farm Bureau Member Rewards MasterCard you will have to fulfill the following requirements:

  • be a US citizen
  • have a valid US address
  • have a valid SSN
  • have a valid business Tax ID #
  • be at least 18 years of age

How to Apply

Step 1- Go to the credit card application page on the Farm Bureau website, pictured below.

farm-bureau-login Please note, if you are not already a Farm Bureau member, you will have to apply by mail through their printable application and will require a $250 application fee.  When indicating that you are not a member, the dialogue pictured below will appear.  If you comply, click Apply Now print the PDFs, follow the prompts and complete your application by hand.


Step 2- If you are a already Farm Bureau member, you will complete the following form (as seen below).  First, select the Premier Business Visa from the pulldown menu indicating the card that you are applying for.  Then, select “Yes” to indicate that you are a Farm Bureau member.

Now enter the following information:

  • your Farm Bureau member number
  • your Farm Bureau membership state
  • whether or not you were referred by an agent
  • your requested credit line amount in dollars ($5,000-50,000)
  • business name and Tax ID #

When you have completed this information, click Next.

Step 3- Provide the following business information:

  • Business type
  • Business name
  • Years in business
  • Complete physical address
  • Mailing address (if different from your physical address)
  • Tax ID
  • State where the business organization is located
  • Business phone #

farm-bureau-business-visa-apply3Step 4- Provide the following business information:

  • Guarantor full name and title
  • Guarantor’s business ownership (%)
  • Your complete physical address if different from the business physical address see (example 1)
  • Time at residence (see example 2)
  • Mailing address if different from your physical address
  • Date of birth
  • Phone number
  • SSN



example 1:

example 2:farm-bureau-business-visa-apply6
Step 5- After completing your personal information select whether you would like to add an additional guarantor (a co-owner for example).  If so, complete the required field.  When you’re all finished click Next in the bottom right Step 6- Enter the following income information:

  • Business activity
  • Net annual business income
  • Additional employment income
  • Farming/agricultural income


Step 7- If you have an additional sources of income, enter the following additional income information:

  • Business activity/description
  • Total annual sales
  • Interest expense
  • Depreciation expense
  • Checking account balance


Step 8- Click Next. 
farm-bureau-business-visa-apply12Step 9- If you wish to provide any feedback to the Farm Bureau Bank, compose your message in the Notes field pictured below.

farm-bureau-business-visa-apply13 Step 10- Review this message (pictured below), by submitting your application you are attesting that you have never been convicted of a sex offense against a 11- This is a good moment for you to go back over your entire application to make sure that all the information is correct.  Once you’ve finished this, read the Terms and Conditions and if you would like to proceed, click Submit.  Good luck with your Farm Bureau Premier Business Visa Card application!