Fifth Third Real Life Rewards Credit Card Login | Make a Payment

Your new Fifth Third Bank Real Life Rewards Card has just arrived in the mail and you’re looking to activate it before registering for an online account. We’re here to help. With just a few clicks of the mouse, you’ll be well on your way to managing your card online including making payments, checking balances/past statements and so much more. Please scroll down if you find the Fifth Third Bank online platform at all confusing

Be sure to read over the privacy policy before you enter any sensitive information into the First Bank online portal

How to Login

Find your way to the login fields by navigating to the homepage. There you will be able to enter in your UserID+Password before clicking Log In and gaining access to your account.



If your password has been forgotten, click on the corresponding link displayed above to be taken to the window below. You will be asked to enter in your username and answer a number of security questions before you will regain access to your account through the creation of a new password.




To activate your card, you must call the above number and speak to an employee at Fifth Third Bank. To register for an online account with them, click on the link below the number to be taken to the window displayed below. Once on the homepage. click on the Login option on the top right of the screen followed by the register link to be taken to a secondary page. There you will be asked if you have one of the listed accounts already.

fifth-third-login-3If you selected Yes, you will be asked to log in through using a card number as a username and your corresponding PIN as a password.

fifth-third-login-4If you selected No, two options will be made available. In the case that you have one of the required loans with Fifth Third Bank, you will need to fill in the form in the first window below. If that is not the case, call the number in the second window to speak to a customer service representative. In either case, you will be required to detail your personal information as well as select your security information before gaining access to online banking. Good luck!