How to Apply for the Fifth Third Real Life Rewards Credit Card

If you’re looking for a standard points card and you have a decent credit rating, the Fifth Third Real Life Rewards Credit Card is a totally valid option. Especially if you already have an account with Fifth Third Bank as it will make the online application a breeze. This card has a flexible APR and offers 2 points/dollar for gas and groceries, 1/1 for everything else. If you find the online portal at all confusing, just scroll down and allow us to shed some light on the application process.

We highly recommend reading the privacy policy before entering in any personal information onto the Fifth Third Bank website.

How to Apply

Find your way to the card summary page by clicking here and then find your way to the application forms by clicking APPLY NOW.

fifth-third-platinum-apply-1Step 1-Login

If you have a pre-existing online banking account, just enter your security credentials into the fields on the left hand window. For new customers, enter your ZIP Code into the field on the right.

fifth-third-platinum-apply-2Step 2-Card Selection Review

This page is just to make sure you’re satisfied with your card selection and that you are made aware of why it can’t be a joint account.

fifth-third-platinum-apply-3Step 3-Personal information

Enter in this personal information next:

  • Full Name
  • Full Physical Address
  • Whether you rent or own
  • Monthly housing payment
  • Whether you’re address has changed in the past 3 months
  • Phone Number
  • Email
  • SSN
  • Date of Birth
  • Driver’s License Number
  • State Issed
  • Expiration date of Driver’s License

fifth-third-platinum-apply-7Step 4-Employment Information

Enter your employment status followed by the following information:

  • Gross Annual Income
  • Employer Name
  • Employer Phone Number
  • Length of Employment

fifth-third-platinum-apply-8Step 5-Security Questions

A number of questions will be presented to you in order to confirm your identity next.

fifth-third-platinum-apply-6Step 6-Features and Disclosures

After those steps have been completed, all that remains is reviewing the features and options this card has, then reading over the terms and conditions and agreeing to them. That’s all, good luck!