How to Apply for the J.R. Cigar Credit Card

Welcome to the guide on how to apply for the J.R. Cigar Credit Card. The first thing we recommend doing is clicking the back button on the top left hand side of your browser window and never coming back here again. You may be here because of the promotional offer of free cigars upon your first purchase, but if you take a second to read over the terms and conditions you will notice that this card charges a 10% higher APR than most competitors and offers no rewards program. Why anyone would choose this card over the thousands of other options is beyond me, but if you  really insist on paying almost 30% interest on your purchases, we’ve detailed the application process below. I advise you to consider another credit card option though and just pretend this conversation never happened.

Before entering any personal information, be sure to read over the card handler’s (TD Bank) privacy policy.

How to Apply

First, navigate the card summary page provided by J.R. Cigars and click on the apply link.

jr-credit-card-apply-1Step 1-Personal Information

You will be required to enter the following information:

  • Full Name
  • Full Address
  • Years at current residence
  • Employer’s Name
  • Occupation
  • Business Phone Number
  • Monthly Gross Income
  • Monthly Housing Payments
  • SSN
  • Date of Birth

jr-credit-card-apply-2Step 2-Contact Information

Enter in your phone number and email address into the fields below.

jr-credit-card-apply-3Step 3-Identity Information

You will be asked to provide this information for identification purposes:

  • Drivers License Number
  • Drivers License State
  • Expiration Date
  • Mother’s Maiden Name

jr-credit-card-apply-4Step 4- Terms and Conditions

Finally, review the terms and conditions are really make sure you’re willing to sign up for a credit card with this high an annual percentage rating. If you’re commited, check the box off and click submit. Don’t say I never warned you.