How to Apply for the First Bank and Trust Visa Platinum Credit Card

First Bank and Trust offers very little information online about their cards, not only do you have to login to a third party program to find out the associated rewards program, they also don’t provide an online application form. Although the online portal is far from streamlined, the APR is a variable rate of roughly 11.9% which is by all means competitive. The card also offers some added auto and travel insurance so if you’d like to apply, which will have to be done manually, then scroll down and we’ll walk you through the process.

We recommend reading over the privacy policy before sending in your personal information to First Bank and Trust.

How to Apply

Navigate to the card summary page and click on the Apply Now button beside the Visa Platinum option.

You will be presented with a PDF of the terms and conditions as well as the application forms which you will need to print off and fill out by hand.

Step 1-Account type/Credit Limit

Select which type of account you would like to apply for as well as your proposed credit limit.

fbt-visa-platinum-apply-2Step 2-Personal Information

This part of the form will have you entering the following information:

  • Full Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Phone Numbers
  • # of Dependents
  • SSN
  • Rent/Own/Other
  • Monthly Housing Payment
  • Full Address
  • Years at address
  • Mailing Address if different
  • Previous Address if applicable
  • Years at Previous Address

fbt-visa-platinum-apply-3Step 3-Employer Information

You will then need to enter the following information regarding your occupation:

  • Employer
  • Self Employed Y/N
  • Work Phone
  • Date Employed
  • Address
  • Position
  • Monthly Gross Income
  • Name and Address of Previous Employer
  • Years at Employer
  • Additional income if applicable
  • Nearest Relative
  • Nearest Relative Home Phone
  • Relationship to Nearest Relative

fbt-visa-platinum-apply-4Step 4-Co-Applicant Information

If you’re signing with a co-applicant, fill in the fields for them as you did for steps 2 and 3.

fbt-visa-platinum-apply-8Step 5- Credit Information

You must now fill in the fields which will establish whether you are credit worthy for this card or not.

fbt-visa-platinum-apply-7Step 6-Balance Transfer

You will be presented with the below option to transfer your balance from another card onto this one.

fbt-visa-platinum-apply-6Step 7-Signatures

Read over the terms and conditions which came with this application form before signing off. Once signed, you can send it to the below address for review.

First Bank and Trust
P.O. Box 1830
Covington, LA 70434