How to Apply for the First Bank and Trust Visa Classic Credit Card

This credit card is a completely valid credit option, advertising a reasonably low APR with no annual fee providing that you use your card at least 12 times per year. The downside to this particular visa is that it’s online portal is sub-par, to the point where they don’t even have an application form which can be completed online. If this doesn’t deter you from sending one in, by all means, review our guide below and fill one out the old fashioned way.

Before mailing out your application, review First Bank and Trust’s online privacy policy.

How to Apply

Navigate to the card summary page , there you will be able to find the apply link to Visa Classic Card option.

Once clicked, you will be presented with the PDF of both the application forms and the terms and conditions to print out.

Step 1-Account type/Credit Limit

Check out the type of account you’re looking to open as well as your credit limit request.

fbt-visa-platinum-apply-2Step 2-Personal Information

Enter in this personal information first:

  • Full Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Phone Numbers
  • # of Dependents
  • SSN
  • Rent/Own/Other
  • Monthly Housing Payment
  • Full Address
  • Years at address
  • Mailing Address if different
  • Previous Address if applicable
  • Years at Previous Address

fbt-visa-platinum-apply-3Step 3-Employer Information

This data referring to your current and previous employment will be required:

  • Employer
  • Self Employed Y/N
  • Work Phone
  • Date Employed
  • Address
  • Position
  • Monthly Gross Income
  • Name and Address of Previous Employer
  • Years at Employer
  • Additional income if applicable
  • Nearest Relative
  • Nearest Relative Home Phone
  • Relationship to Nearest Relative

fbt-visa-platinum-apply-4Step 4-Co-Applicant Information

Fill in a similar form for the co-applicant if applicable.

fbt-visa-platinum-apply-8Step 5- Credit Information

The fields below will help establish whether you are eligible for this card.

fbt-visa-platinum-apply-7Step 6-Balance Transfer

If you’d like to transfer a balance, select the account and the amount before signing off.

fbt-visa-platinum-apply-6Step 7-Signatures

Read over the terms and conditions if you haven’t already, then sign off to confirm that you agree to them. You can send your application in the mail to the address below and await confirmation. Best of luck!

First Bank and Trust
P.O. Box 1830
Covington, LA 70434