Green Bay Packers Extra Points Credit Card Login | Make a Payment

Barclaycard has designed an online banking system through which cardholders of the Green Bay Packers Extra Points Credit Card can manage their finances. The advantages of doing your banking online are immeasurable and you can easily reap the benefits by signing up for your own personalized account today. With your account created, you can make payments, transfer funds, review past purchases, and otherwise stay on top of your credit card. To learn how to activate your new Visa, how to get started with online banking and how to access your account once created, scroll down and review the below tutorial.

Be sure to review Barclaycard’s online privacy policy before submitting any sensitive information into their online portal.

How to Login

In order to log into your online account, you must first navigate to this webpage. In the Cardmember Login menu, supply your username and password. After your login credentials have been supplied, click Log in to access your online banking account.


If you can’t remember your username or password, select the Forgot username or password? link located in the Cardmember Login menu. A webpage should pop up with three blank entry fields. In the entry fields, provide the Last 4 digits of your social security number, your Date of birth, and your Account number. Once your personal/account information has been provided, click Continue to proceed and access to your forgotten login credentials will be provided.


If you have recently received your credit card in the mail, you can activate it by calling the number posted above this paragraph. Once your card has been activated, click on the Secure registration link found just below the activation number to begin the enrollment process for your online banking account. On the enrollment webpage, enter-in the Last 4 digits of your social security number, your Date of birth, and your Account number. Just below that, select Yes or No to specify whether or not you are a US citizen. Lastly, choose a username and password for your account before clicking Continue.barclay-enroll

With each of the above steps successfully completed, your online banking account will ready for action and you can begin using your Green Bay Packers Extra Points Credit Card to its full potential. Happy banking!