Kohl’s Credit Card Login | Make a Payment

To login to your Kohl’s Credit Card account you must direct yourself to the Kohl’s Credit Card login page. On this page, you will be required to input your login information. Input your username in the “Username” bar and input your password in the “Password” bar and click “Submit”. After logging in, you will be able to make free online payments, access transaction and statement history, maintain your account, and make alterations to your account in order to not receive paper statements and go “paper-free”.


Kohl's Credit Card ScreenshotMake a Payment

After inputing all of your login information and clicking “Submit” you will be directed to your account homepage. At this page, you will be able to track your rewards and view upcoming available discounts as well as make free, online payments. You will also be able to track your previous transactions and ensure that all current balances are accurate.


After receiving your Kohl’s Credit Card in the mail, you will be required to activate the card online before it can be used. In order to activate your Kohl’s Credit Card you must register the card, which can be done on the “Login” page. Underneath the “Sign In” section, there is a similar section titled “Register Now”. In the blank bar below “Register Now” input the 12-digit code that is printed on the front of your Kohl’s Credit Card and click “Submit”. Your card will now be activated and you will be directed to a webpage that allows you to either create your own Kohl’s account, or login to an existing one.

Kohl's Credit Card Screenshot