PNC CashBuilder Visa Credit Card Login | Make a Payment

A user can login to their PNC CashBuilder Visa Credit Card online account by accessing the main PNC bank homepage. Have your User ID prepared for the homepage and your password prepared for the next page.

In the case of a forgotten User ID or password, use the link below the User ID field to gain assistance from PNC Bank.

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Make a Payment

After logging in to their online PNC CashBuilder Visa Credit Card, account holders will be able to gain access to account balances and transactions 24/7, pay bills, transfer funds between different PNC Bank accounts, and edit or update information in their file.


In order to securely activate your PNC CashBuilder Visa Credit Card, you will need your:

  • Social security number
  • PNC CashBuilder Visa Credit Card number
  • PNC account number

First, access the “New to Online Banking?” page on PNC’s website. Click the “Get started now” button.


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Next you will find yourself on the secure activation page. Note the management tools offered by PNC for their online banking program. Click “Get started”.

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Enter your social security number, your PNC CashBuilder Visa Credit Card number, and your PNC account number. These numbers can be found in an email that was sent during after you completed registration.

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After creating sign-on credentials, customizing the security options, and reviewing the servicing and terms, you will have an activated PNC CashBuilder Visa Credit Card.