Fred Meyer Rewards Visa Credit Card Login | Make a Payment

Card-carrying members of the Fred Meyer Rewards Visa Credit Card are blessed with the ability to use U.S. Bank’s safe and secure online banking services. Since this credit card is issued by US Bank, users can take advantage of the online services such as paying bills, depositing checks, sending money and keeping up to date with your balances on your phone or home computer. Those of you who already have an online account know how much this service can benefit you. We’ve added instructions on how to login below. If you don’t have an account and are unsure how this whole process unfolds, we will guide you through the steps so you can become an online banking member.

Please take a second to inform yourself of U.S. Bank’s privacy policy, it’s important to be savvy when it comes to the sharing of your personal and financial information.

How to Login

To get started, click on this link to get to the U.S. Bank homepage. From there you’ll see a grey login box on the right. There is an empty field where you will have to enter your User ID before clicking Log In.

fred-meyer-login1After that, you’re asked to provide your password and click Log In. If the information you entered was correct then you now have access to your online banking account.

fred-meyer-login3The situation may arise where you forget your login credentials, i.e. user ID or password. If this happens you just need to click on either the Forgot ID or Forgot password link to get the identity verification page. Submit the last four digits of your social security number so they know it is in fact you trying to access the account. You will be able to gain access to your account once you’ve proven your identity.



Cardholders will find it most advantageous to activate one’s card to use it to it’s full potential. To activate your new Fred Meyer Rewards Visa Credit Card, call the number above. Now that you’ve got your card up and running, it would be in your best interest to enroll for a U.S. Bank online banking account so you can better manage your credit card and other finances. Click on the Secure Registration link above to get started. They ask you to provide either a U.S. Bank credit/debit card or a U.S. Bank account of some type in order to enroll for an account. The first step is to select what type of account you have.

fred-meyer-enroll1For the purpose of this credit card, we’ll select Personal. If you have a personal checking, savings or money market account select Yes and then enter the appropriate information.

fred-meyer-enroll3If not, select one of the other options they give. Once selected you’ll have to provide the account information for your selection

fred-meyer-enroll2If you’re account is verified correctly and you enter the necessary security information, create an ID and password, you have completed the enrollment process. We hope you enjoy your online banking experience!