REI Master Card Login | Make a Payment

Managing your REI MasterCard can be accomplished easily online through US Bank’s secure online banking portal. Within our tutorial below, we have provided you with instructions on how to register for this service, how to sign into your account once created, and how to activate your card so that you can start making purchases. Signing up for an online banking account will only take a few minutes of your time but will save you the trouble of making frequent trips to the bank. By logging into your account from any computer or mobile device, you can review your bank statements, transfer funds, update any personal information, and pay off an existing balance, all within a matter of minutes. Scroll down to learn more.

Before proceeding, take a moment to review US Bank’s privacy policy to get a full understanding of how your personal information will be used.

How to Login

In order to access your online banking account, you must first navigate to this webpage. There you should see the Log In to Your Accounts heading. Just below that, supply your Personal ID into the empty field and click Log In.


If US Bank is unable to recognize the computer or mobile device you are currently operating from, you may be required to provide the answer to your security question. If this is the case, enter your answer into the empty field and click Continue. On the next page, you will need to supply your password before access to your online account will be granted.


If you have forgotten any piece of your login credentials, select the Forgot ID? link found at the bottom of the login menu. On the following page, specify which type of account you are trying to access by selecting Personal.


There are three different methods which can be used to recover your forgotten login credentials. Select your method of preference to proceed.


To recover your login credentials using your phone number, simply supply your Phone number into the first entry field followed by the Last 4 digits of (your) SSN. Click Next once the requisite information has been supplied. Follow the instructions on the following page to recover your forgotten personal ID or password.


In order to recover your login credentials using your email address, supply your Email address and the Last 4 digits of (your) SSN into the empty fields. After your personal information has been provided, click Next to continue and, on the subsequent pages, follow the instructions provided to recover your forgotten personal ID or password.


The last option to recover a forgotten personal ID or password is through the use of your card number or account number. In the empty fields supply Any card or account number and the Last 4 digits of (your) SSN. Click Next to proceed. You will be able to retrieve your login credentials by following the instructions provided on the next page.


Activating your credit card is a simple procedure that can be accomplished by calling the number located just above this paragraph and speaking to a customer service representative. Once your card has been activated, click on the Secure registration link located above the activation phone number. This link will take you to the enrollment webpage where you can begin the registration process for your online banking account. On the enrollment page, click on the link titled Enroll Now.


Underneath the Select Type of Account heading, choose Personal and specify whether or not you have a personal checking, savings, or money market account with US Bank. For the purposes of this tutorial, we will select No.



From the options presented in the following menu, select I have a U.S. Bank Credit Card, Premier Line or Credit Line account.


Next, supply your Credit Card, Premier Line or Credit Line Account Number into the first entry field. Just below that, enter-in your Signature Panel Code or PIN, Card Expiration Date (mm/yy), ZIP Codeand the Last 4 Digits of Your Social Security Number. After your account information has been supplied, click Continue to proceed. On the subsequent pages, you will need to decide on a personal ID, password, security question, and provide whatever other information is asked of you before the enrollment process can be completed.


That’s all there is to it! With each of the above steps completed correctly, your online banking account should be set up and ready to use. Thank you for choosing Card Reviews and best of luck with all of your future banking endeavours!