San Diego Padres Cash Rewards MasterCard Login | Make a Payment

If you have recently been approved for the San Diego Padres Cash Rewards MasterCard, your card will need to be activated before it can be used to make purchases. The activation procedure has been described in our tutorial below and we’ve also provided instructions on the enrollment and login processes necessary to access your online account and properly manage your card. While you are not required to create an online account with Bank of America, it’s highly recommended as you can quickly sign into their online portal to pay off your balance, review your purchase history, transfer funds, or update your personal information. You can get started by scrolling down.

We recommend that you review Bank of America’s privacy policy to find out how your personal information will be used.

How to Login

Start by navigating here to access Bank of America’s online portal. In the Secure Sign-In window, provide your Online ID and Passcode. With your login credentials supplied, click Sign In to access your online banking account.


If you’ve forgotten either piece of your login credentials, click on the Sign-in help options link located below the login fields. Three options are available to assist you through this process. Select the one which correlates with your forgotten piece(s) of login ID.


To retrieve a forgotten online ID, you are asked to provide Your complete card number or account numberYour complete Social Security number or Tax Identification number, and Your passcode. Click Continue to proceed and, on the next page, follow the instructions provided to recover your forgotten online ID.


In order to recover your passcode, you must provide Your complete card number or account numberYour complete Social Security number or Tax Identification number, and Your Online ID. Click Continue once the requisite information has been supplied. On the following page, complete the instructions provided to recover your passcode.


To recover both pieces of your login credentials, you’ll need only supply Your complete card number or account number and Your complete Social Security number or Tax Identification number. Once entered, click Continue to proceed. The following page will provide you with the ability to recover your forgotten pieces of ID.



Activating your credit card is a straightforward procedure that can be accomplished by calling the number located above this paragraph and following the instructions provided over the phone. With your card activated, you may begin the registration process for an online banking account by clicking on the Secure registration link located above the number used to activate your card. On the enrollment webpage, the following information is required:

  • Your complete card number or account number
  • Your complete SSN or TIN


After supplying the requisite information, click Continue to proceed. On the subsequent pages, you will have to decide on an online ID and passcode for your account before completing the enrollment process. That’s all there is to it! We hope you found this tutorial helpful and we wish you all the best with your newly created account. Take care!