St. Louis Cardinals Cash Rewards Mastercard Login | Make a Payment

Welcome to, on this particular page we have provided some helpful information to get new cardholders started using their St. Louis Cardinals Rewards Mastercard. You will find information on how to log into the online banking portal so that you can easily manage your account without leaving the home or office. This online banking service has been provided by the Bank of America, which is the card-issuer of this Mastercard. We have also written instructions on how to activate a new card, and how to register for online banking. To get started, scroll down and follow our simple guide.

Before you enter any of your sensitive personal information on the application form, read the Bank of America privacy policy to see how they use their clients’ information online.

How to Login

To gain access to your online banking account, go to the Bank of America homepage and navigate to the Secure Sign-in window pictured below. Once there, enter your Online ID and Passcode in the indicated fields, and click Sign In.


If you happen to forget your online ID or passcode, you can easily regain access to your account by clicking the link that applies to your situation, either the Forgot ID or Forgot Passcode link. Both of these links can be found in the sign-in window. The process for both options is basically the same. You will need to enter your complete card number or account number, your complete Social Security number or Tax ID number, and then your Online ID (for a forgotten passcode), or Passcode (for a forgotten ID). When all of this information has been entered, you can click Continue to regain access to your online banking portal.



If you just received a new St. Louis Cardinals Rewards Mastercard in the mail, you will need to activate it before you can starting making purchases and managing your account. Activate your new card by calling the toll free customer service number posted above and a Bank of America representative will activate your card for you. When your card is activated, you can register for online banking by clicking the Secure registration link found above this paragraph. On the registration page you will need to enter your complete card number or account number and your complete Social Security number or Tax ID number in the indicated fields.Then click Continue. In the fields of the subsequent page, you will need to create a user ID and a passcode to use for future logins. Once your registration is complete, you will be able to log into online banking and manage your account whenever you want to! We hope that this guide has served you to the best of its abilities, and that you enjoy you’re new St. Louis Cardinals Rewards Mastercard and online bank account.