Minnesota Twins Cash Rewards MasterCard Login | Make a Payment

Cardholders of the Minnesota Twins Cash Rewards MasterCard have the ability to monitor their expenditures and payments using Bank of America’s online banking portal. The institution’s online services are designed to make it easier and faster for you to complete all your banking tasks, without having to leave your home. The website has made it extremely easy to enroll for an online account and, once registered, provides a convenient and user-friendly platform with which to manage your card. If you’re having trouble with the registration process, or need help logging into your online account, we can help you. Follow our short tutorials below to learn how to activate your Minnesota Twins Cash Rewards MasterCard, then enroll and log into your Bank of America online banking account.

Read through Bank of America’s privacy policy to familiarize yourself with their information sharing policies.

How to Login

To access your online bank account, start by navigating to the Bank of America homepage. Near the top left of the page is the Secure Sign-in area. Here, you’ll enter your Online ID and Passcode. Click Sign In to gain access to your account.


In the event that you cannot remember either your ID or passcode, there is a simple procedure you can follow to recover them. If you can’t remember your ID click the Forgot ID link in the red Secure Sign-in box. You will be redirected to a page wherein you must provide Your complete card number or account number, Your complete Social Security Number or Tax Identification number and Your Passcode. Click Continue and, on the subsequent page, you will be instructed further on how you can retrieve your online ID.


If you can’t remember your passcode, the recovery process is almost identical to that used to retrieve a forgotten Online ID. Click on the link labeled Forgot Passcode and you will be asked to enter Your complete card number or account number, Your complete Social Security Number or Tax Identification number and Your Passcode. After you click Continue you will be able to regain access to your online banking account.



The first thing you’ll want to do upon receiving your new Minnesota Twins Cash Rewards MasterCard is activate it. Call the number we have provided above to activate your card now. Once activated, it would be advantageous to set up an online banking account with Bank of America (the card-issuing company). To enroll for a Bank of America online account, click on the Secure Registration link below the activation number. You are directed to the Bank of America enrollment page where you need to enter your card number (or account number) and your social security number (or Tax ID number). Click Continue once you have entered that information. You will be asked to create an online ID and passcode for your account. After which you will be given the opportunity to set some security measures before reviewing all the information you entered. Now you can enjoy the plethora of online banking options and financial tools that Bank of America has to offer.